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Now That You Have All the Tools to Become a Highly Effective Coach Who Helps Clients Succeed, You’ll Want a System That’s Proven to Get You All the High-Paying Clients You Want to Help. And With Free Sessions That Sell: The Client Sign up System, I Personally & Legally Guarantee, You’ll Get $2,000-$100,000 of New Clients in the Next 60 Days, so You Can Do Work You Love, That Makes a Difference in the World, and Have a Business You Feel Proud of (* Full Guarantee Details Below).

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I understand that through Free Sessions That Sell: The Client Sign Up System, I will discover where to find clients, how to sign up clients & how to use this proven system to get one dream client after another so I can have a highly profitable, highly rewarding coaching business I can be proud of.

When you use the “Free Sessions That Sell” formula, you will feel rock-solid confidence talking to potential clients about how you work, how coaching works, how you can help them, and why they should hire you right now.


If you’ve ever felt awkward, uncomfortable, or had a difficult time explaining what coaching actually is and why it’s valuable, this changes everything.

“After using this program, I had my first $13,000 package. It went up from a $10,000 to a $13,000 package and that was a big A-HA for me. And then, I looked at the script and I was like, wow this is magic! And, I did it again. It just works so well. Ever since then, I started recommending it to my other clients, too.


I think every coach should have it. I always use the word ‘magical’ to describe this because it’s not an intellectual thing. It’s the actual process.”

Kerry C.

“Big wins. Using FSTS I received a new business coaching client for $9000. I am so grateful for this technique to find out what people really want to create for themselves in the next 6 months.”

Lottie C.

In Addition To Free Sessions That Sell,
You’ll Also Receive These…


5 LIVE “Get Clients” Group Coaching Sessions
With Christian Mickelsen

During these powerful, game-changing group coaching sessions you’ll…

VALUE: $5,000.00


Discover Your Perfect Niche Program + 3 Nail Your Niche Group Coaching Sessions


As you watch these coaching sessions, you’ll…

VALUE: $2,000.00


Client Attraction & Money Making Mastery

In this powerful online training program, you will…

VALUE: $5,000.00


Rapid Results Coaching Academy™


If you’ve never been a coach before, this program is going to give you competence, confidence and credibility. Once you complete this program, you’ll be able to get clients great results.

In this powerful training program, you will get…

VALUE: $2,000.00


Confident Coach Program + 3 Master Your Mind And Emotions Group Coaching Sessions


Being able to attract clients is the ONLY way to ensure you always have a steady stream of income in your coaching business.

During these sessions, one of the rockstar coaches on my team will work with you to help skyrocket your confidence as a coach, get more clients and make more money. The “Confident Coach” home study program also comes along with it.

VALUE: $2,000.00


Group Coaching Goldmine: How to Double Or Triple Your Income With Group Coaching


In this powerful training program, you will get…

VALUE: $1,000.00


The More Money Program: How to Get More Money, Save More Money, Spend More Money, Give More and Live More… Starting Right Now

In this powerful training, you will…

VALUE: $2,000.00


1 Ticket To Instant Miracle Mastery™    ​

This high-vibration event is specifically designed to turn you into one of the most powerful coaches on Earth using the 4 powerful healing and transformation techniques.      

At this powerful, 4-day live event, you will master… 

VALUE: $10,000.00


Reid Tracy

Hay House Writer's Community Annual Membership​​

Eben Pagan

Presentations That Pay

Sage Lavine

The Telesummit Training Program

Steve Olsher

Get Clients From Clubhouse

Jeanna Gabellini

Ecstatic Marketing

Mark Lack

Get Clients With Facebook Advertising

Melinda Cohan

Network Your Way to an Abundant Business

Ryan Levesque

The Ultimate Testimonial Formula​

Here’s Everything You’re Getting
When You Sign Up Right Now…

Free Sessions That Sell$5,000.00
5 “Get Clients” Live Group Coaching Sessions$5,000.00
Discover Your Perfect Niche + 3 Nail Your Niche Group Coaching Sessions$2,000.00
Confident Coach Program + 3 Master Your Mind And Emotions Group Coaching Sessions$2,000.00
Client Attraction & Money Making Mastery$5,000.00
The More Money Program$2,000.00
Group Coaching Goldmine: How To Double Or Triple Your Income With Group Coaching$1,000.00
1 Ticket To Instant Miracle Mastery Live Virtual Event $10,000.00
Rapid Results Coaching Academy: The Coach Certification Program$2,000.00
Plus, Get These Bonuses From My Guest Faculty… 
Eben Pagan, Internet Marketing Pioneer – Presentations That Pay$2,000.00
Jeanna Gabellini, Chief Rabble Rouser of Masterpeace Coaching – Ecstatic Marketing$1,000.00
Ryan Levesque, #1 Best-Selling Author of Ask and Choose and creator of the ASK Method – The Ultimate Testimonial Formula$500.00
Sage Lavine, Founder and CEO of Women Rocking Business – The Telesummit Training Program$1,500.00
Steve Olsher, Founder/Editor-In-Chief of Podcast Magazine & Creator of ClubPod – Get Clients From Clubhouse Live Training$2,000.00
Melinda Cohan, Founder & CEO of Coaches Console – Network Your Way to an Abundant Business$500.00
Mark Lack, Founder of Shorten The Gap – Get Clients With Facebook Advertising$2,000.00
Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay House – Hay House Writer's Community Annual Membership$300.00
TOTAL VALUE$43,800.00
My 60-Day “Get Clients” 100% Guarantee

We guarantee that you will book $2,000.00 to $100,000.00 in new client revenue with Free Sessions That Sell within the next 60 days.


I’m so committed to seeing you get lots of high paying clients that if you study the training, do the coursework, and implement my system and you don’t book $2,000.00 to $100,000.00 of new coaching revenue, we’ll give you the extra support you need. If you still don’t within the 60 day guarantee period, I will personally send you a check for the difference – up to $2,000.00*.


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