Welcome to Coach Club PremiumTM
and Congratulations!

Congratulations! You’ve made a very important move toward building and growing an amazing coaching business for 2022 and beyond.

That’s because Coach Club PremiumTM is going to be your “go-to” place to get expert support to build your business and reach your goals.

I’ll be there every step of the way with you thanks to the “Coaching with Christian” monthly coaching calls where you can ask me anything pertaining to your business.

Plus you’ll have the Coach Club community to lean on when you need help and support.

In other words, we’ve got your back.

Because let’s face it.

There are going to be many ups, downs, and challenges throughout your coaching journey.

You’ll now have me and the Coach Club PremiumTM community at your side to help you celebrate wins and get help when you need it.

This will help you avoid years of trial and error, and get you on the fast track toward making big money while helping the world get coached.

So check your email for important access info so you can start exploring.

You'll also want to keep an eagle eye on your email from now on as well.

I'll be right here with you in your inbox sending emails to help keep you on track, give you suggested action items, and show you what to focus on.

All future emails from us will have [Coach Club Premium] at the start of the subject line, so you can open them right away and get the most out of your membership.

Welcome to the club! I'm really grateful you're here.

With all the love in my heart,

ps. If you need anything along the way, email or call us at support@coacheswithclients.com or (800) 492-7152.

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