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Hello Awesome Coach and Changemaker!

The Coach Club™ Facebook Group is a safe and empowering place where you can ask questions about your coaching business and get clarity on anything you may have misheard. And, anything that’s blocking you from making the impact you want to make in the world.

It’s also where you can celebrate and share breakthroughs and successes, and connect with other awesome coaches, healers and consultants who have your back.

There’s no need to “figure everything out” yourself. You can be part of an incredible community to get support when you need it!


Here are a few members of Coach Club, sharing their questions and receiving support and nuggets of priceless wisdom.


This group of cutting edge coaches have so much wisdom, insight, and support to share.

(In fact, you are one of those cutting edge coaches too, in case you forgot.)

Here’s a great one from Wesley!


As you can see, Dave and 16 others chimed in. I know many more will respond.

Over 40 of our Coach Club members shared their insights and the best advice they’ve ever received from Bill’s question.


I regularly post an inquiry for everyone to chime in, like this one.


I just want to say … it’s so awesome to see so many deeply heartfelt comments and shares that move and inspire everyone. I’m so touched by the responses that I’m constantly reminded about why I wanted to create Coach Club in the first place — it’s the incredible connection and community.

Really, there’s no group like this in the world.

Coach Club is such a valuable and priceless resource. You have 24/7 access to a supportive group of heart-centered changemakers where you can feel, experience and leverage the heart and power of the tribe.

And finally, check out what Dan just posted.

Awwwww! Dan is awesome and we love him, too. Seriously, there’s a reason why our coaching community is referred to as the “love bunnies.” Every single member of our Coach Club community is so encouraging and supportive of each other and really wants to see each other succeed in the best way.

Over my 20+ years of coaching and teaching, I definitely know what I’m talking about. I’ve coached and worked with thousands of people who are passionate about helping others to create positive change in their lives. I’ve created over 40 successful in-person and online training programs that have generated millions of dollars. And, I can’t wait to support you in realizing your dreams and goals.

Join us at Coach Club and be a part of a thriving and awesome community so you and your change-making business can be supported and nurtured every step of the way.

No one ever needs to build their transformational business alone… again.

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