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Dear Friend,

Let’s get right to it without any “warm up”… 


I am giving you access to all 47 of my courses that will help you get to the next level as a coach – wherever you are in your coaching journey. 


Maybe you’re wondering if this coaching “thing” is for you. 


Or perhaps you know you want to be a coach, but are still looking for your first client.


Coaching Success University will give you my entire suite of products you can study for a whole year.

I’m Putting My Entire Life’s Work Together In A Single Package To Help You…

I’ve been coaching for over 20 years and I’ve been helping coaches, consultants, healers, online educators, and influencers grow their businesses for over 15 years. 


Along the way as I learned how to do something myself, I created a program to teach people how to follow in my footsteps to make it way faster and easier than it was for me. 


Over the years I’ve created over 40 of these online training programs which share all my secrets of success…


…secrets that helped me make the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America 4 years in a row, while working part time! 


Secrets that helped me go from being on welfare to becoming a multi-millionaire. 


Secrets that helped me go from almost becoming a garbage man because I could barely support myself, to having a team of nearly 50 people.


And now as part of this Black Friday deal, for a very limited time…


… I’m putting my entire life’s work as part of Coaching Success University where you’ll get ALL of my online training programs.

Here Are Some Of The Courses Included In Coaching Success University…

Free Sessions That Sell: The Client Sign Up System $2,000.00
Mastermind Millions $5,000.00
Rapid Coaching Academy: The Coach Certification Program $2,000.00
Client Attraction & Money Making Mastery $5,000.00
Free Webinars That Sell $5,000.00
High Profit JV Partnerships $2,000.00
Big List Blueprint $2,000.00
Make Your Programs Make You Millions $2,000.00
Free Your Time Free Your Life $1,000.00
Marketing Materials Masterclass $1,000.00
The More Money Program $1,000.00
Group Coaching Goldmine $1,000.00
Make A Difference Marketing $1,000.00
Confident Coach $1,000.00
High End Coach $1,000.00
Discover Your Perfect Niche $1,000.00
Client Retention Secrets $1,000.00
Get Clients From Deal Sites $1,000.00
Best-Selling Book In A Day $1,000.00
Money Making Email Strategies $1,000.00
Relationship Coach Academy $1,000.00
Weight Loss Coach Academy $1,000.00
Parenting Coach Academy $1,000.00
Instant Miracle™ Abundance Program $2,000.00
Secrets of Six Figure Coaches $1,000.00
Coaching Quick Start Kit $1,000.00
Big Money Business Coach $5,000.00
2 Tickets to Heal Your Money $h*t Now: The Hidden Secret To Rapid Riches $4,000.00
Plus there are 17 more programs I didn’t even mention!
TOTAL VALUE $111,000.00+


Full-Pay Option:

One Payment of $1997.

Payment Plan Option:

3 Payments of $777.

My Team Was Concerned When We Came Up With This Plan...

They said, “If we let people buy all of our programs, we won’t have any programs to offer them later. Are we going to lose future money?”




“The only people who get access to all of your programs are our high-end mastermind clients. If we do this, will less people join the Masterminds since they might already have all of your programs?”


Yes, all of that might be true, I said. 


But I want to do something special for Black Friday for go-getters who want to skyrocket their coaching business. 


Because the more coaches become successful, the more the world will experience the miracle of coaching. 


Bottom line, we’re doing this.


“What happens when I join?”

You’ll gain access to the programs, training, support, and community that you need to make a bigger difference with your coaching business. 


“What won’t happen if I join?”

You won’t be left wondering what to do next. You’ll have a clear path and plan I blazed many years ago you can easily follow. 


“What will happen if I don’t join?”

You won’t be able to discover the proven, and strategies that will help you keep your business growing and thriving. 


“What do you think I should do now?”

I hope you decide to give yourself the support you need and deserve. Not only for your sake and for your family’s sake, but for the sake of all your future clients you’ll be helping.

Yes Christian, Give Me Access To All Of Your Online Training Programs For The Price of 1 As Part Of This Black Friday Deal.

Full-Pay Option:

One Payment of $1997.

Payment Plan Option:

3 Payments of $777.

Remember, people need our help. Let’s get people coached!


With all the love in my heart, 



ps. This isn’t something you can “think about” and wait until you’re ready. The last time I offered my entire suite of products was 3 years ago. And the only people who get access to all my programs are members of my $80,000 mastermind and $250,000 mega-mastermind. 


So if you feel this could be what you need to get to the next level wherever you are in your coaching journey, then I would advise you to jump in. Because it may never be available to the general public ever again. So join now if it feels right. 


pps. Plus, think about it. There’s never a perfect time to do anything. Just ask anyone who has had a baby, fallen in love, got a new job, or changed their life. Because if you wait until the perfect time, you’ll be disappointed to find that it never comes. So if you feel you’re ready for this, then join below: 

Yes Christian, Give Me Access To All Of Your Online Training Programs.

Full-Pay Option:

One Payment of $1997.

Payment Plan Option:

3 Payments of $777.

Due to the generous nature of this offer, all sales are final.

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